A year going by…

Hi Everyone! 

By everyone, I mean my fellow bloggers, my friends and people I don’t even know!  A year sure does fly by quickly! Wheeewww!! I miss writing… I miss sharing my life’s journey with whomever would like to read and I do indeed have a lot to share!

The year that has gone by has had soo many memories that I would forever cherish. The most exciting of them all has been relocating to another country! Oh yes! I relocated to live on an island.. of all places.. I have always wanted to live on an island, my dreams of living in a little beach house in Costa Rica burnt a fire in me in my early 20’s. I remember discussing with friends or any one whom would listen..”What do you think of Costa Rica?’ and whomever I was speaking to will ask me but why Costa Rica?? Lol…. I guess deep down I knew I would live one day on an island where everyone knows everyone and there is 0 to 1 % of having an active social life and guess what? I love it here. I mean its had its ups and downs cos living on an island in East Africa is different than an island in South America! For sure! Lol.. but its been great practice and immediately I got the job; I just packed my bags and left my Ghana… Of course I miss home… but not when there was constant power outages, 0% purchasing power and all that comes with economical changes…

Zanzibar has been home for the past 9 months; its been tough especially in the beginning; as I had never fully lived on my own with no one to call me to check when am I arriving home? What will you eat? Do you feel sick? etc.. (Musings of my sweet Mama) but I made it through and now I have friends from all over the world, some haters already probably a few people I dislike as well lol.. Whats life without a little drama?? I have fallen in love with nature, the beautiful beaches and most of all.. the beautiful people of Zanzibar. My ego has already had its share of misfortune with lessons I am yet to learn but the greatest of them all is I am connecting with so many cultures in this beautiful place because this small place has soo many people from different parts of the world! Some I don’t agree with  (obviously! lol..) and some which have just piqued my curiosity… 

All in all; whom knows where my adventure will take me from here?? So far I have followed my career, my mind and maybe the next time I will follow my heart! (Now that is still pretty blur for now! lol..) 

Until the next time!

Yours Truly. Yours Ever. Yours Entirely!


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