30 things I have learnt by age 30

So here I am, gonna hit the mark of 30 in a couple of days.

The feeling? Anxiousness, Excitement and most of all Gratefulness. What more do I have to be yearn for? Some people could not make it here; others have made it but do not see fulfillment. I? I am just content with what I have; little as it may be, I am still thankful. Now I have a lot of wishes but I choose not to wish for anything and watch 30 well, be me. 🙂 .

But I made a list of 30 things I have learnt over the years and It is a daily reminder embedded in my memory. So if you are turning 30 soon; let me fill you in with my learning.

And oh: Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

1. Your parents aren’t to blame for what or who you become. Never refer to them for your misery or otherwise
2. Read wide. The first two minutes of admiration is established by your looks; the rest then depends on your brains
3. Life certainly does go on; whether you are happy, sad or in between
4. You have the power to change your mind on what you want to do 1000 times. Unless you live in a 3rd world country; then you have to think of survival…
5. Life is not a fairytale; if you lose your high heels at midnight; you are drunk
6. Taking care of the skin is essential; invest in it. Breathe fresh air, drink lots of clean water 
7. When you become a few thousand richer; change people’s lives
8. Talk to the elderly; you will be amazed at the kind of wisdom you could gather
9. Dislike your boss but do it secretly; he is the key to unlock your next jump in your career 
10. People can be cruel, heartless and selfish but you don’t have to reciprocate
11. Respect your father; be obedient to your mother: no matter how many times you want to “scream” at them
12. God is indeed alive; how then would you explain your life with all its occurrences?
13. God gives us all the time to figure Him out, take that time and draw closer to Him; don’t act as if you know whom He is better than others when in reality; you have no idea
14. Do NOT sleep another day on your anger… it has a way of eating you up
15. Don’t be ashamed to live with a secret (ie a disease, a scar, an unforgettable past) be brave and share your story; you know not who may be healed in the process
16. Smile; even through your tears… somehow it makes you feel better 
17. Your crush knows of your existence; even if you try so hard to hide yourself; feelings of infatuation has a way of showing 
18. Be humble. No matter where you are in life. Humility opens doors.
19. You only marry to share and contribute your life to someone; you don’t marry to put yourself first
20. Forgive him or her or the group of people whom caused you pain; holding on only makes you grow shorter in the soul
21. You should know where to go to when your soul needs soothing; be it your room, your favorite park or your best friend’s kitchen counter
22. Your best friend only surfaces when you are going through life’s uncertainties
23. Cry your heart out; it’s a sign of strength not of defeat
24. Dream for a living. Your dreams do not have an expiration date; take a breath and try again
25. Never lower your standards; but never set them too high for anyone to reach as well
26. Still believe in Love; no matter how blur it looks 
27. Look good. It really helps in feeling good
28. Invest in your health. Trust me; it pays off
29. Travel; see the world. Life isn’t meant to be lived at one place
30. Be grateful. Everyday. For the gift of Life.

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