A soul that never loses FAITH

It’s been awhile I wrote here. Sometimes we let the pressures of the world, of our lives take us away from our abundant graces and everlasting mercies of the Supreme Being.

I am a very open minded person. I do not pass judgment on whatever people believe in. We all have varying opinions on what, where or how we explain our existence. Growing up as a child; I would be the first person to be at the entrance of the church when its doors opened. I started out in the Catholic Church; I was astounded by all its statues and sculptures of Mary, the baby Jesus and the adult Jesus. I used to stay behind after Mass and watch in awe and ask my grandpa: how these arts came to be and if they ever came to life. I was literally pulled out of the church every Sunday after service. My curiosity heightened as I grew; I came back home and I followed my mother to the Methodist Church.

As any Christian woman; my mother raised us to believe that dedication to God was the best decision any believer could make. You never ate your meals until you bathe, smelled nice and prayed to God. You never made it out of the house to school until you held hands with your sisters and asked for the guidance of God throughout the day. She taught us that God doesn’t like ugly. He cannot be deceived. He will not be mocked…

As a teenager; lying awake at nights; I used to wonder why our parents didn’t give us reasons behind the various religions? I used to ask my mother: “Mother, there are people on this earth who do not believe in our God, whom have different opinions about whom God is, what about them? Are they not mocking God?” And her response will be: “Hush your mouth! Who told you that? You have been reading those sinful novels of yours again! I see you every night with your torch hiding under your bed sheets and reading! You only need to believe in what this family believes in!” And that will be mother’s answer.

And that is the scene in most societies. We raise our children to see only one side of the story. Forgetting that they have only one childhood; they will grow as I did. Maturing into adulthood; I slipped sometimes. My faith wavered. I picked up habits as I hit the runway. The only reason I chose that industry was because I wanted my freedom. Mother was against it; but whatever made her angry was an option I wanted to pursue; cos I then knew she was hiding something as she always did. In actual fact; she was protecting her children as I grew to understand.

But then yet again; why do we not show them the full picture? The world is an adventure. We should show them the way but we should trust they would choose the right path.

I have rebelled.

I have hit the pavement.

I have hit rock bottom and given in to some very dark pleasures and desires.

All this whiles I was a Christ follower.  

But it’s in our weakness, that we may find strength. It’s in our trials, that we may find the peaceful whisper of our Father in our ears; asking us to rise up whilst he holds our hands.

No matter what: the ripple effect of growing up in such an environment should be:  A soul that never loses faith in no matter what Supreme Being it believes in.