Affectionate displays

I am pretty sure we have all in one way or the other been in love or still in love. The subject of love usually sparks different views and portrays individual beliefs.

What keeps pondering in the mind though: Is how exactly people display their affection or love towards the person of their interests.

Something strange happened this weekend: An individual displayed a picture of the person she is in love with publicly via a social media. One question that was asked by a female friend of hers was: “Does the person do the same for you?”

This question amazed her and she then in turn asked for my opinion. A lot of things seem to baffle me about the way our mind operates as humans. Can we not display affection without receiving any in return? Can we not be hopelessly in love with a person and NOT suffer for his love in return?

She is in love and not afraid to show it or display it. And it doesn’t mean she is expecting him to return this feeling. Is she suffering? No. Not at all. In fact, she is happy and beyond joyful to be in love with this man. He is everything she dreamed of. I know it’s easier if the person could actually return her affections but if he just doesn’t know (or just isn’t ready); what has she got to lose?

We often hear in movies or read in books about how unhealthy unrequited love is and can actually probably end you. But why can’t we look at both sides of the coin? Aside its negative effects; I think it actually has some positive effects.  You could build a lifelong friendship with this person and if you don’t have him/her to yourself; at least you still have them in your life. Don’t let unrequited love be a pity party for self. You meet someone that amazing only once in your life. Why let it be a sad experience?

As always: as a Christian woman I would use Jesus Christ as an example. This man didn’t know us but yet he loved us. He loved without any boundaries. He sat down with us and taught us the ways of the Lord. He wanted us to feel safe. I know a lot of people would think: but it’s not comparable. That love is great and supernatural and I would in turn ask them: But why not? Love doesn’t always have to be the young and passionate love that swallows your body and soul. In fact, unrequited love is mostly the opposite.

The last words I said to her were: Love without any boundaries. It’s the only way to live fully. Take the risks probably and tell him. Be not afraid to show the world as well. You prayed for someone like him and he manifested in body and soul. If things do not feel the same for him, what have you lost?  Let not society draw a framework of how love is supposed to go for you. Love the only way you know how. Your best way.

And I am taking that advice as well.

Happy Monday, people. Display your affections anyway and anyhow you want to.

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